Reasons to send your pet to a Doggy Day Care

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It appears like the best solution to many dog trainers to recommend dog boarding facility to the average customer. Most dogs don’t have stimulation, adequate outlets for their energy, or opportunities to socialize with their friends. Read through to understand why it is essential to send your dog to daycare.

Dogs have a chance to socialize and exercise

A dog that is taken to daycare has plenty play times in the entire day to express normal doggy habits. They have a great chance to meet and play with other dogs and learn how to socialize and interest with the new friends. Typically, boarding facilities are managed differently. In some daycares, your dog will have unlimited access to other dogs for endless playtime while others have scheduled play times and playing fields for the dogs.

Human contact

When you are busy at work or you just want to go on vacation, it is not right to leave your pet at home alone. The trained personnel hired at the daycare interact with dogs on a regular basis. Their work is to interact with your pet while playing, treating while during quiet moments and scratching it behind the ear. Your pet will also get cuddles to make it feel safe while you are away.

Professionally supervised playtime

In most cases, dog owners are not comfortable looking after the dogs as they play. They are not familiar with what is appropriate and what is risky. A right boarding facility works with highly trained workers who know how to interpret the body language of the do to ensure the pets are comfortable.

Relief from boredom

Most pet owners don’t want to leave their dogs in crates while they are at work. However, avoiding to use the crates and creating good house behaviors will make the dog to have destructive habits when left alone. To compromise, pet owners are encouraged to take their dogs to the facilities where they get plenty of stimulation and chances to beat boredom.

The best solution for busy dog owners

Most dog owners will feel guilty for working over 8 hours and leaving their furry family member at home. Dog daycare will give the dog several opportunities to potty and be entertained while the owner is not around.

It is essential to pay attention to the personality and temperament of the dot when looking for the right boarding facility for your dog.

Privacy without compromise

Pet walkers can be the best option for some dog owners, but being comfortable with someone you don’t know in your house can be hard. Privacy is paramount to every homeowner. Additionally, you need to make sure that the dog walker you hire is qualified for the task, properly insured and they he or she has the experience to be with your dog. In dog boarding Chantilly VA facility, your dog will be handled with experienced caretakers in a fenced environment. Some facilities use modern technology that allows you to check up on your dog regularly through a webcam.

Bear in mind that dogs are just like humans and boarding facility is not suitable for every dog. Therefore, it is essential to consult your vet before changing your pet’s exercise routine to make sure their participation will not worsen any existing health problem.